Thursday, September 19, 2013

It’s the practice of religion that is the basic cause of the foundation of excuse for the other abuses against women

Jimmy Carter, former president, author, and international peacemaking activist, has announced he is writing a book about the mistreatment of women worldwide.

" of the conclusions we have reached is that it’s the practice of religion that is the basic cause of the foundation of excuse for the other abuses; where women are deprived of an equal right to serve God. And where they are treated as subordinates or inferior people. And this example set by religions leaders gives an excuse to other dominant males to persecute, or abuse, or deprive women of their justifiable rights. This is a question that has never been publicly discussed before, and the Elders help this will arouse and interest in the world in trying to seek corrections made to religions themselves to set an example for full rights for all women.”


  1. Indeed, and the man Jesus of Nazareth got that clearly. Among the collection of his deeds, called the gospels, he posed amazing gestures towards women. He talks to them, restores their health, dignity and social status, takes their side and the one of children in several instances when it was unthinkable in his time. In many places, it is still very difficult today, and often enough because of so called followers of Jesus who took what was convenient for them in his message. Shame on the churches for their deeds throughout the centuries and for the constant misrepresentation of the one who has become in their hands no more than a crucified poster boy.

    1. The churches under the Lordship of Christ, as Christ himself as head, stand as instruments of grace, love and justice to women. The apostle Paul witnessed great abuses to women during his missionary trips abroad. More often than not it was pagan cultures and repressive religions, including atheism, that subjected women to heinous crimes. The Christians are those called to offer rescue, deliverance, grace, and edification as Christ demonstrated tirelessly.