Friday, September 27, 2013

I am a child of the Goddess

I am a child of the Goddess
I was imagined in many waking dreams even before I was conceived.
I was birthed with blood and tears by a woman
as an entire community labored and awaited my coming
Many arms embraced me and many breasts nourished my soul.
Many hands raised me up when I fell down
and when I was lost, many more led me home.
I heard so many voices. Some whispered sweet comfort
and some cheered me on towards the goal.
And when I was ready to be on my own, they let go of my fingers
and watched me with tears until I was out of sight.
I crossed rivers and climbed mountains, ran after my dreams
and opened my soul to others.
I was changed and will never be the same.
I birthed myself again and again.
Then the Goddess came to me in a dream. She invited me to come home
and willed me to remember my beginnings.
I was afraid that she would think I was strange and send me farther away.
But she said, you have come home and found your own soul.
You have discovered your own goddess within.

~Lizette Tapia-Raquel

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