Monday, September 9, 2013

Have you downloaded your FREE copy of The Girl God?

TODAY & tomorrow ONLY: Free Kindle download promo for The Girl God book! 

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And if you're like me and would rather read a "real" book, you can still enter to win the raffle for a FREE book on Sophia' s Whispers.

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The Girl God: a picture book to show girls that god can be a girl, god is inside, god is an idea, a positive action or good deed, god is open to creative interpretation and should be about everyone. A great book to dispel the myth that god is male with wonderful illustrations by Elisabeth Slettnes. Empowerment for our girl children. ~ A girl's guide to taking over the world, revolutionary reads for babies and young children

UPDATE:  nearly 450 people downloaded The Girl God for free over the course of 2 days!  I have lowered the price of the Kindle version of the book from $9.99 to $3.99 so that this book will be as available as possible.  Our printing costs are still very high because we are ordering smaller batches. As we grow a wider audience, we will be able to bring these costs down as well.  

Thank you to those who also purchased the book as well as those who wrote reviews on Goodreads and

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