Monday, September 16, 2013

Changing Church

"The Bible and Christian tradition provide solid support for the Divine Feminine, Dr. Beavis points out. “Western churches especially have fixated on the notion that it’s okay to portray God as an old white man on a heavenly throne—basically Zeus! However, if, as decades of feminist theology and biblical exegesis have abundantly demonstrated, the Divine Feminine is very much a part of the Bible and Christian tradition, why is it wrong or threatening to portray God/dess as Mother, Daughter, Sophia, Gaia, Great Spirit, or Sarasvati, verbally or in artistic form? I think that including multicultural images of God/dess is a recognition that all human beings are made in the divine image, and, as such, deserve respect.” ~ Dr. Mary Ann Beavis

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If you would like to volunteer to be interviewed by Dr. Beavis for her research study on Christianity and Divine Feminine/Goddess Spirituality, please contact her:

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes


  1. Hi. Can you double check the email address of Dr. Beavis? I could not email her. Thanks!

  2. Sure thing - I email her at - but I will check in with her!