Friday, September 20, 2013

Can you find the Girl God inside of you?

"THE GIRL GOD holds the key by which children may unlock the world of Divine Presence.

In her book, Trista Hendren poses a question: “Can you find the Girl God inside of you?” It’s an important question to ask. Encouraging young girls to get in touch with the divine feminine is a powerful rite of passage, enabling them to recognize their spiritual potency as well as the importance of the feminine in upholding the creative balance of life.

I loved the way the book moves between girl and woman in the phrases and quotes and also includes so many rich, colorful images that not only enhance the meaning, but deepens it as well."
~Perri Birney, author of Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation
Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes


  1. Since I met Trista my life is richer, more profound, more inspired. She is brilliant, beaming, and beautiful. I hope I know her, grow with her, enjoy her forever and ever...

    Jim Nico,CEO/Founder/SNI

    1. Thank you Jim - the feeling is mutual! Looking forward to our new project very much!