Tuesday, September 17, 2013

5 stars are not enough for this book

"I have read and reread this little gem of a book more times than I can count. Although it is a children's book, it honestly is so much more. It's about women and girls and the divine feminine and God (but not in that way). The Girl God is beautifully versed, beautifully illustrated, and full of beautiful quotes. If you have a daughter, you should read this to her. If you have a son, you should read this to him. If you are a woman you should read this no matter if you have children or not. If you love a woman you should read this book. This book is not just about spirituality, it's about female empowerment. It's about looking at things and knowing it doesn't have to be a certain way just because that is what I was told. It's about opening yourself up to possibilities and new ideas that are very, very old. Read this book. Buy the paper copy of this book. Leave this book out so you can pick it up and read it often. Leave it out so people visiting you can see it. The illustrations alone are enough to draw their attention. There are very few words I can use to express how much I adore The Girl God. And honestly, 5 stars are not enough for this book." ~Michelle A 


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