Sunday, August 4, 2013

What has changed?

“In recent years, Furious women have experienced in agonizing detail the mazes constructed by the patriarchal backlashers whose intent is to obstruct this movement of integrity and transformation, tracking women into repetitive circles and pointless death marches. We have witnessed an escalation of rape, woman battering, incestuous abuse of female children, pornographic degradation, impoverishment of very kind. All of these gynocidal atrocities function to re-turn women to their masters, physically and psychically. These manifestations of physical violence, combined with such inventions as man-made plastic feminism, have reinforced the ruts, already violently embedded into women’s psyches, which track women into dying out their lives in patterns of pointless circling and re-acting.” ~Mary Daly, Beyond God the Father (1973)

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

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