Sunday, August 11, 2013

Case in Point by June Jordan - ***Trigger Warning

A friend of mine who raised six daughters and

who never wrote what she regards as serious
until she 
was fifty-three
tells me there is no silence peculiar 
to the female

I have decided I have something to say 
about female silence: so to speak
these are my 2 cents on the subject:
2 weeks ago I was raped for the second
time in my life the first occasion
being a whiteman and the most recent
situation being a blackman actually
head of the local NAACP

Today is 2 weeks after the fact
of that man straddling
his knees either side of my chest
his hairy arm and powerful left hand
forcing my arms and my hands over my head
flat to the pillow while he rammed
what he described as his quote big dick
unquote into my mouth
and shouted out: "D''ya want to swallow
my big dick; well, do ya?"

He was being rhetorical.
My silence was peculiar
to the female.

~June Jordan

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