Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Who Needs Feminism?

Spend 5 minutes browsing the upcoming National NOW Conference schedule and tell me otherwise!

Stronger Together: United for Equality.

This conference begins Friday in Chicago.  Desiree Jordan of Unite Women NY will be providing an update next week, along with pictures!

Just a few of the sessions:
  • Documenting Our History While Our Founding Mothers Are Still With Us
  • Fighting for Freedom from Poverty in a Walmart Economy
  • New York State Feminists' Brilliant Road to Equality
  • A Womanist Approach to Ending Violence Against Black Women
  • Skills-Building: Recruiting an ERA Army Using Social Media - with our dear sister Desiree Jordan 
  • Public Education, the Great Equalizer, Under Attack
  • Saving Our Future: Protecting and Improving Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
  • Women of the World United to End Violence Against Women
  • Marriage Equality - Keeping Up the Momentum
  • Taking Action Against Military Sexual Assault: Exploring Solutions
  • The Transgender Community: Issues of Inclusion, Self-Definition and Politics
  • Moving Closer to Equal Pay, Paid Leave, Living Wage and Success for Women in Business
  • The Issue of Our Time: Reforming Immigration While Protecting Immigrant Women
  • Women's Voices Addressing Ageism - Making Ourselves Heard
This looks like a really GREAT conference.  I will post updates next week.


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