Sunday, July 7, 2013

Prophet Woman

She's been waiting
curled up
knees to chest
head to arms
biding her time
but her eyes have flickered open
she's stretching her arms
unfolding her legs
wriggling into her purpose
until it fits like a glove

She's opened up her heart
and her throat
and voice comes pouring forth
like a swirling river
her ear is tuned
to the hopesong of the forest
her heart is turned
to the rhythm of the earth
she feels the Goddess sing through her
alive in her blood
and she steps forth

She rattles cages
she stirs the pot
she shakes things up
she asks hard questions
she refuses to accept no
and you can't.

She digs deeper
she twists harder
she wonders more
she speaks her truth.

Soon cages bend and open
veils fall away
fires of curiosity are lit
in hopeful breasts
and wisdom no longer belongs to secret places.

The world is reborn
knowing love as the ground of being
and the source of all creation.
and refusing to kill anything
but illusion and despair.

Prophet Woman
she's a warrior
speaking now
her voice is quiet
in this moment
but I hear
the distant thunder
and I feel
the breath of change
against my neck.

~Molly Remer

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

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