Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ouroboros’ Kiss

step into the Ouroboros circle,
the place where life and death 
smile into each other’s eyes,
where dross 
is turned to gold.
Strip naked, 
strip again.
Flay skin from flesh
and flesh from bone,
throw all into the cauldron
and keep on dancing.
Stars bright above,
the moon another Ouroboros,
smiling strong.
Dance the dance of dawn,
of the ancient ever-young,
of the re-born.
Look to the East,
where the new day 
pours liquid gold over the horizon
and dance!
Dance to the rhythm
of the season,
to the song of the stars.
Dance to the dying 
and rising,
the cessation and creation,
the continuation.
Here, in the time between times,
in the dark-light,
not-quite night,
in the dance before dawn,
I am re-born
and I rise on the bliss
of Ouroboros’ kiss
to dance again.

~Ruth Calder Murphy

Painting: "The Infinite Embrace" By Ruth Calder Murphy


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