Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Adalah: Ending Gender-Based Violence

Gender-based violence and human rights abuses committed in the name of religion or
culture affect all of us.

Please check out and support this wonderful new campaign.

e raising $6,000 to launch an important project, and need YOUR support! Every bit helps - and feel free to share this page! 

The Adalah Initiative, founded by Raquel Evita Saraswati (twitter: www.twitter.com/raquelevita) will work to eradicate honor and gender-based violence and seek sustainable solutions to extremism. We will also advocate for greater representation of like-minded voices in the media (with a particular focus on new media). Our effort is different in one key way: it will also work to support, strengthen and raise awareness about the work of others dedicated to ending human rights abuses, especially gender-based violence. A full project proposal has been developed, with specific steps to achieve these goals outlined. This initiative aims to be a holistic approach to ending gender-based violence and solving some of the most pressing problems of our time.

The Initiative will accomplish its goals through awareness building, (research, writing, publishing and public speaking), as well as creating tangible change through on-the-ground and digital activism. Those interested in contributing larger amounts are welcome to contact me to discuss the project's overall goals, specific objectives and startup requirements.

Please spread the word - and donate to this project if you are able.


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