Thursday, June 20, 2013

The discovery of a way to live that restores a sense of humanity

"You see, when a human being is degraded, dehumanized, tortured, violated, and quite essentially destroyed for the better part of her life (or for her whole life), the discovery of a way to live that restores a sense of humanity is not a religious experience at all. It’s healing. Religion is about transcending this mortal world into an abstract plane that is experienced solely in the mind of its believer. It’s an ethereal, metaphysical, somewhat magical concept at its core which focuses on something out there, in the universe or other plane that one cannot directly access or prove the existence of.

Feminism, for a woman, is about living in your literal body on this literal planet in a way that doesn’t literally drive you mad. Not because females are inclined to madness and need some story to make them feel better. No. Because the world is inclined to madness that most squarely points itself in the direction of females with monumentally destructive power. There is a very tangible reality that results in a massively disproportionate number of women experiencing depression, complex traumatic stress syndrome, anorexia and bulimia, self-harm practices such as cutting, and a general sense of misery. Millions upon millions of women are being raped, beaten, killed every day by men. And EVERY woman has experienced at some point in her life varying degrees of discrimination, belittling, harassment, hate speech, disrespect, and neglect because she is female. Specifically because she is female. In a way that is unique to her being female. In a way that a male will usually never experience—and if he does, it’s never going to be as concrete, since he doesn’t live in a world with social structures built up around these experiences which bind them into place and exponentially increase their damage by way of context." 

I highly recommend reading the entire post: My Fiance Quit Me When I Became a Radical Feminist feminist ninja - tumblr

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