Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Simply Be.

Desert stretches do not go away;
Like mountains, forests, oceans in their place,
deserts also have a part to play,
All guide me on my journey into Grace.
As darkness serves to show the distant star
and gives the blessed moon her chance to shine,
and constellations call me from afar
and show me there the Infinite Divine,
So too when desert places open wide
and desiccate my soul and parch my heart,
when there is nothing left to feed my pride
and all my hopes and dreams are torn apart,
Then riding on the burning, searing breeze,
I hear the still-soft voice call out to me,
“Still journey on, through heat and flood and freeze
And learn more truly how to simply be.” 

~Ruth Calder Murphy

Painting: "Wilderness" by Ruth Calder Murphy

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