Wednesday, June 5, 2013

She is Magnificence

The historical sexual goddesses
Her praise as carved in stone…

She is “the Goddess”; “Queen of the Assembly of Gods”  and “Mistress of the Lands”.
The fate of everything She holds in Her power.
She is Magnificence. She is the Ornament of the Heaves, Her body is complete beauty.

She is Inanna, “Queen of Heaven and Earth”, “Lady of the Underworld”.
They call Her “Lioness in Battle”. They call Her “Honored Counselor”.
They call Her “Harlot of the Evening” Kingship is bestowed on Her bed.

She is Ishtar, “Light of the Heavens”, “Shepherdess of the Lands”, “Great Whore of Babylon”.
She is “Goddess of Gods and Woman and Women.
Her lips are sweet. Life is in Her Mouth. Beneath Her Robes, She is Glorious.”

~Cosi Fabian

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

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