Saturday, June 8, 2013

Over the Horizon

It calls me -
Something Wonderful,
Something Divine...
The Everything
that pulls at my heart and
ripe and golden in the spaces
between thoughts...
It calls
from across the line,
over the horizon,
beyond Fear.
Bold and free,
a new Me,
I step,
strong -
the bars breaking
that were holding,
restraining -
and so I fly.
Way up high,
the horizon expands -
no more lines,
no more limits -
becoming oceans
and verdant lands,
mountains and valleys,
green forests
and golden sands.
Everything that calls my name
is here -
across the line,
over the horizon,
beyond fear.

~ Ruth Calder Murphy

"Sail Away" By Ruth Calder Murphy


  1. Beautiful work Ruth, Very uplifting and light. Step beyond the fear, I also really agree we will benefit, and find greater pleasures if we can step beyond fear.

    Your work reminds me so much of a person I worked with on placement who has an acquired brain injury, and shared this piece of writing a week before being diagnosed with cancer. I'll email it to you via inbox if I can find it :) It's almost juxtaposition to your work!

    Ellie :)