Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our religions have stopped serving us in vibrant, relevant ways.

“Humanity is at one of its most incendiary crossroads.

We know that our definitions and cultural institutions must change to serve the needs and anxieties of the emerging world but how that change must occur and what new foundational principles it should be based on are still unclear.

It seems the goals of Industrialism, Colonialism and Philosophical Dualism have left us battered and assaulted as a species. Gone is our connection to the earth and the changing seasons. Gone is our sense of camaraderie with the other species of the biota. No longer do we keenly, intuitively, feel loyalty and brotherhood towards one another. 

Our religions have stopped serving us in vibrant, relevant ways.  

They are dead, rigid, legal codes meant to keep us in states of perpetual guilt and confusion. They do not increase our understanding of ourselves or the world we currently inhabit. They live on through the uncritical passing of dangerous, misogynistic, Bronze Age memes and catechisms of left brained Ego-worship.

Catacombs of our collective human shame, they have become unhinged from their mythological womb; from the vast, cosmic ocean that is the source of all knowledge and forms.” 

~Andrew Gurevich, “In Goddess We Trust: America's Spiritual Crossroads”  

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

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