Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Our Stories Untold

The beautiful Rachel Halder,
Founder of Our Stories Untold

Please join me in congratulating and celebrating the one year anniversary of Our Stories Untold.

This blog is near and dear to my heart - and I wanted to share a bit of their work here.

Reflecting on a blog entry I wrote 2 days before the launch 1 year ago, I recognized this fear as a fault to overcome: “This is a time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other. ..Because until we start talking about this we’re not going to have the hope and ability to bring on change,” I wrote.

Launching this blog was hard, but through the past year I’ve received encouragement, support, and stories beyond comprehension. And I’ve found both that hope and the ability to bring about change, both in others and myself. I’ve grown in ways I didn’t foresee possible: My own personal story of childhood abuse finally become something I felt comfortable sharing; over 30 people have shared their stories of abuse with me, with a few appearing on the site; some of the most meaningful conversations of my life with friends and family have come from the articles, blog entries, and stories shared through this platform; and I’ve made numerous new friends and important relationships through breaking the bonds of shame and stigma that abuse left behind. 

Together we’re going to continue standing in the face of fear. We’re going to confront the perpetrators. We’re going to address the engrained rape culture in our churches. We’re going to call out complacent standbyers. And we’re not going to be silenced, but instead speak out for a more hopeful future.

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