Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bringing the Stars

It’s raining
hard in the dark beyond my window,
where reflected candlelight 
flickers a dance of defiance
and catches the raindrops on the other side,
making them little worlds
where rainbows threaten...
It is black-dark night beyond my window
and my night-black cat
separates her shadow-self from 
the shadow-garden
and prips and trips into the candle light 
to greet me.
She’s diamond-clad and sparkling,
night-scented above the fragrance of myrrh
that burns in the corner of the room.
She’s golden-eyed
and, what with diamonds and gold
and the scent of night,
she brings the distant stars
and hidden moon
from behind stormy, cloud-wrapped sky
and places them, damp,
in my lap.

~Ruth Calder Murphy

Painting: "Sparks of Spirit" by Ruth Calder Murphy

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