Thursday, June 27, 2013

After a while you learn

After a while you learn the subtle difference
Between holding a hand and letting go of self,

And you learn that it’s okay to lean on others
And sometimes you need the security of companionship.

And you begin to learn that some kisses are meant as contracts
And, sometimes, a present is a promise of friendship and fidelity,

And you begin to accept that you are successful
With your head up and your eyes open
With the confidence of a woman, not the insecurity of a child,

And you learn to build your roads towards tomorrow
Because today is just a path towards where you want to be
And your future is what you choose to make of it.

After a while you learn…

That the bright light of day helps a soul grow and flourish.

So you plant your garden and decorate your soul,
But you love and appreciate the people who bring you flowers.

You learn that you really can be loved…

That you really are strong

And you really do have worth…

And you learn and learn…

With every hello,
With every goodbye,
With every day you live,

You learn.

~Healthy Curls

"Morning on the Hill: O All the World is Light" by Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

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