Monday, May 27, 2013

Who is the female equivalent of the Dalai Lama

"Anything that sets up hierarchy will leave women out, I guarantee that.

Even the Buddhists, who I like—who is the female equivalent of the Dalai Lama? There's always going to be a male chosen to be the top of that particular path. Even though he himself admits that there have been great female Bodhisattvas and adepts, you never know their names. I wouldn't trust something like that with all my heart and soul, would you? They are so seductive. It's wonderful to applaud these splendid males in their robes. They are not violent, they are not going to hurt us, they want something good. Females like to see males like that because it makes us feel better, it makes us forget that every minute a woman is attacked in this world, either raped or killed by somebody near and dear. And trafficking in women is on the rise in Asia, where Buddhism is practiced, where Hinduism is practiced. You have to look around with open eyes and see behind those good books, because everybody's holy book is a very good book. Nobody's holy book says it's O.K. to traffic in children. But when you actually see what effect this religion has had on people, then you see what the power of this religion is. Can it transform society? Can it create a better world? And then you ask: What are the women doing in this religion? The answers to these three questions will tell you if this is an effective good book or if it can be just passed by, if it's already passé."

~ Z Budapest

"Urban Budha" by Elisabeth Slettnes

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