Wednesday, May 1, 2013

To every lost or lonely girl-child in the universe and beyond

You are not your house.
You are not your car.
You are not a designer purse.
You are not the clothes or shoes that you wear.

You are more than a diamond ring -
no matter how big the diamond
where it was purchased
the brilliance of the stone
or it's rarity.

It is you who are rare-
And brilliant.

You have more worth than what can ever be insured or replaced
bought or sold
purchased, traded or stolen.

You are more than who you have slept with
how long you held on to your virginity,
molestation, rape, physical attacks...

You are exceptional.

You are more than your father’s love (or
lack thereof)
more than his approval.
You are more than a size on label
or a number on a scale.

You have worth, whether you know it or not, baby girl, you have worth.

We all do.

You are more than a “pussy”
more than a hole for someone to push into
more than someone else's gratification.
Girl, you deserve to be gratified yourself, every single time
At least, once.

Girl, you have the capacity for multiple orgasms
more pleasure than you can imagine
Imagine it,
Imagine it first
then it will come
(And so will you.)

You are more than your agony
more than depression
more than every heartbreak.
Girl, "This too, shall pass."

There is a reason you are pissed off
and unsettled.
You have a history that was stolen from you-
a rich history.
You shouldn't have to re-invent the wheel.

You are more than your ability to stay composed;
to smile when you feel like telling the whole world to
Fuck Off.

You are more than your education
or your job
or your ability (or imposed responsibility) to always take care of others .
There is nothing wrong with taking care of your-self.
There is nothing wrong with doing what you like to do.

Girl-child, I love you.
Even when you think no one’s loving you or no one cares, I am here loving you -
I will always love you.

You are my perfect creation.

Remember this,
Remember yourself.
I am in you and you are stronger than you know.

~Trista Hendren

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

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