Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Star (for Helani)

7 years ago, my daughter was born, inspiring me to dream a better future (and now) for all women and girls. 

My sister wrote this poem for her when she was two-years-old. It captures so much of her specifically, but also encapsulates my vision for the future of all girls. I included the poem in The Girl God book.

She pulses
back and forth
the rhythmic language 
of her swaying body
pulling and releasing
the waves against the shore

She moves across the earth
in streams of water
through tricking moonlight
overflowing from her breasts
sustains awaiting lips
rising in the mists of morning
and disappearing when the sunlight casts its gaze upon her

A still picture cannot capture her essence
For she is fluid and
Defies containment

Quietly insisting that nothing is so rigid it
Cannot be dissolved
If it is hard it
Will yield to her
In due time and
So will the sharpest edges
At long last surrender to her

She holds the cup of transformation
Through her
Jagged little stones become
Smooth round pebbles

-Arika Escalona

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

I would have loved to included her picture here, but I am no longer posting pictures of my children online.

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