Wednesday, May 8, 2013

That's the way it is ~ Mary Daly


      As I wrote in Gyn/Ecology: all patriarchal religions are patriarchal—right? They take different forms. What would I think? There's nothing to think about. It has taken another form—seductive, probably, because christianity is so overtly warlike and abusive. And furthermore, I don't know what "enlightened" means. It's not a word that's in my vocabulary. This is like a christian woman being upset over something that Paul said, instead of seeing that of course he's an asshole. He's one more very macho asshole described as a saint and as enlightened, and once you get over that, you get over it. You see it for what it is and you don't worry about why he would say such a thing. Of course he would say such a thing. That's what he is. It's really extremely simple. Stop wrestling with it; it's not interesting. Get out of it. That would be my approach to it. Misogynists! Hateful! All of them! I studied them. And finally I just didn't try to reason with it anymore…The experience of being fired for writing The Church and the Second Sex introduced me to the idea that it's not going to change. That's the way it is.”

~    ~Mary Daly (Interview with EnlightenNext magazine, Fall-Winter 1999)

      Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

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