Monday, May 6, 2013

Surrounded by Certainty

Surrounded by Certainty
By Ruth Calder Murphy

I'm surrounded by Certainty:
everyone else's
Absolute Truths.
Each of them is different
as day and night,
yet linked
as day and night are.
Diverse certainties,
Equal and opposite,
dancing like multi-faceted,
many-coloured angels
on the dazzling head
of an infinite pin...
So certain,
so differently definite
That I feel free
to be me -
To walk amongst them,
dance with them,
to be spectrum-split
and sparkled by them,
to be liberated,
to find a way through,
but never held by them -
finding treasures
in new troves
and hope
in new heavens,
supported by old certainties,

~Ruth Calder Murphy

Painting: "Questionmark" By  Ruth Calder Murphy

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