Thursday, May 9, 2013


There is no time left for unkind acts
Glances, gestures or thoughts
In a world of dog-bites, cancer,
Falls from fourth story windows, and bombs
Bursting in mid-air.
There is no time for the swinging of verbal swords
Cutting down the very essence of what is human
What is true and what is holy, sacred and unique
Brilliant energy, propelling forward like a geyser,
Trying like our ancestors to survive a death, a storm, a war
Or end of love affair that once lived in a blissful sun-filled space
The heart and spirit can sag and drag, feeling
Like a drum that no longer has a beat
Hollow. Still survivors will remain-- building up,
Cherishing, holding up a stranger like the sun
Goodness prevailing even in the most
Horrifying of times as bodies line the streets and souls are spit on.
There is no time for hate, for grudges or for mean thoughts
That destroy, damage and break- down.
There is only time for love.


Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

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