Friday, May 3, 2013

I Can Not

I cannot be
-or anyone -
but me.
I cannot do
I’m expected to.
I cannot believe
because you believe
or because
I used to believe
or because it would
bring ease
or make the bullies leave
me alone.

I cannot speak
just to please;
I can not speak lies
though the truth
may cause unease
and surprise.
I cannot live
your chosen life
or prepare for your
prefered death;

I cannot dance your dance
- though it be beautiful -
or sing your song
-though it be wonderful -
I cannot walk your path -
even when it takes you
away from me,
even when we disagree,
even if I lose you completely...
I cannot dream your dreams;
my dreams are enough for me.

I can only be
the best me I can be
and true...
and you be the best you
and, if we do,
our different dances
will make choreography,
our paths
our "Can Not"
will become “Will Be”
and then,
we shall be free.

by Ruth Calder Murphy

Painting: "Kate on the Rooftop" By Ruth Calder Murphy

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