Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The First and Oldest Religion

"Worship of the Divine Feminine is the first and oldest religion. Of 130,000 years of homo sapiens, She was worshipped virtually all of that time except for the past 5000-7000 years since patriarchal religions took over. They did such a thorough job of decimating and forcing underground Her memory that few people even know the true history. During the time of Her worship, women enjoyed rights and privileges of the throne, led the religious rites, received respect and dignity and wielded power we cannot imagine now. What I wish most of all is that the 800 million women and girls living in the Honor Killing Zone will soon learn that it hasn't always been this way, with males in charge and females at their service or else. It has BARELY been this way. Our ancestors were very powerful women -- queens, high priestesses, inventors, scholars, businesswomen, mothers. We are no different if we so choose. It begins with removing our self-limiting beliefs. You don't have to believe in the Divine Feminine to believe in yourself, but believe in yourself you must if you want others to, as well. Please reach out for help from those who believe in you and are on your side -- there are MILLIONS of us waiting with open arms."

~Amy Logan, Author of The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice.

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