Sunday, May 2, 2021

Join us for the Reclamation by Monette Chilson

Myths are the building blocks of our consciousness. The most powerful myths are those that help us access the Divine. If every sacred myth you absorb revolves around a hero rather than a heroine, that inhibits your ability to see yourself as the heroine in your own story and you are likely to fall back into a coping archetype like martyr or stay stuck in one that lacks self-sovereignty like maiden.

Together, over the next nine weeks, we will use the potent story of Lilith to guide us from abandonment to reclamation.

You may be wondering what that means. Perhaps you have a conscious abandonment wound—a father or mother who wasn't present in your life. Or you may have an unnamed emptiness where you just know something is missing. Maybe you find yourself running into the same blocks over and over again.
Abandonment looks different for each of us. But mythology's nature is to meet us where we are and mirror our truths to us. Even—perhaps especially—the truths that are hidden from us.
It might be helpful to think in terms of micro-abandonments and macro-abandonments. The micro-abandonments are specific to your own life. They are the wounds that resulted from your specific lived experience—the wounds that led to us feeling abandoned and that, in turn, lead us to abandon important parts of our self. These can be generational patterns; family of origin dysfunction; trauma; or specific life events that led to feelings or patterns of abandonment in us.

Macro-abandonments are abandonments that we—as women living at this specific point in history—experience collectively. These are the cultural narratives about what a woman is or isn't that we all absorb. Central to this macro-abandonment is the loss of the Divine Feminine. We were not given words, images or practices to experience Her.

When our culture abandoned Her, it led us to abandon the parts of ourselves where She is most alive.
In this course, we will use the mythological archetype of Lilith as the antidote to the conditioning we received. Through her story, we will recover a creation story that validates all of our feminine parts and allows us to reclaim what we have been denied and what we have denied ourselves as a result of the missing pieces in the lineage we were handed.
That new access you will gain is the reclamation we are moving toward together. Like uncovering the abandonments, the reclamation process will look a little different for each of us. Wherever you discovered an abandonment, you will find a reclamation.

What was lost will be found.

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