Friday, February 12, 2021

What are your Habits of Thought? by Patricia Lynn Reilly

''We have more than 30,000 thoughts a day. That’s a lot of noisiness in the mind. And as many as 98% of those thoughts are exactly the same thoughts we had yesterday. These habits of thought have a powerful effect on our bodies, lives, and choices. Some habits of thought support us to love, accept, and respect ourselves. Other habits of thought—shaped by a society that prefers men—intensify our body-obsession and body-criticism, and sabotage our body, mind, and spirit health.

Throughout the day we’re reacting and responding to our own self-composed fictional story, not to the actual events happening around us. Some of us have ended relationships, quit jobs, and chosen body-altering procedures based purely on the self- critical thoughts and stories created in our noisy minds—minds that were shaped by our family interactions and by society’s socialization and expectations of females. Minds that have not yet been transformed into the present.

Dr. Caroline Leaf puts it this way, “Angry, frustrated, fearful, and self-critical thoughts are wired into the brain and change its chemistry and circuitry. Toxic thoughts cause toxic bodies, lives, and futures. Healthy thoughts cause healthy bodies, lives, and futures. 75-95% of the mental, emotional, and physical problems we experience are caused by the toxic quality of our thoughts.”

The noisiness of your mind can only be quieted, and transcended, by entering into your own unique chatter with curiosity and mindfulness. We must become aware of the content of our minds so that we can then experience the transformation of our body- critical thoughts into body-accepting ones inspired by the deep joy of being alive.'' -Patricia Lynn Reilly, excerpt from Love Your Body Regardless

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