Thursday, February 18, 2021

An Encounter with Wisdom by Patricia Lynn Reilly


Painting by Helena Nelson Reed

''Wisdom resides in the depths of us below the turbulence of our mind’s activity and the fluctuations of daily living. She pre-dates our socialization by religion, society, and family. She is available to us in the stillness. She is trustworthy and the one to whom we open in prayer/reflection/contemplation. Experiment with the following meditation to improve your conscious contact with Wisdom.

Imagine that you are sitting in a clearing within the forest of your life. You are awaiting a visitor—Deeper Wisdom. She may appear as an older teacher, grandmother, mentor, or friend or as an image of wisdom such as an ancient tree, full moon, or vast ocean.

When The Wise Old Woman arrives, dialog with her through writing or drawing. Tell her about your fears of aging, the temptation to do violence to your own body, the noisiness of your self-critical mind, the exhaustion of navigating the male gaze, the instinct to withdraw from public view because of your changed appearance. Tell her of your need for guidance, clarity, courage, or serenity.

In the stillness that follows, allow Deeper Wisdom to speak to you. If an image forms, draw it. If a message wells up from the depths of you, write it down. Do not edit the message. Simply write down whatever comes to you. Jennie envisioned a Grandmother Spirit. She shared her fears and insecurities about what lay ahead as she aged and her world shifts. Grandmother Spirit replied:

The world is hurting. Rise up and bring the gift of who you are to a hurting world. Be confident that what you have to offer matters whatever your age.''

An excerpt from Love Your Body Regardless - soon to be released by Girl God Books!

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