Monday, January 18, 2021

She is Full of Herself by Patricia Lynn Reilly


Photo by Bryan Sokol

''In the very beginning of her life, the girl-child has direct access to the spirit of life. It is as near to her as the breath that fills her. And it connects her to everything. She is not alone. Her spirit is one with the spirit of her beloved grandmother, her favorite rock, tree, and star. She develops her own methods for contacting the spirit in all things.

She climbs a tree and sits in its branches, listening. She loves the woods and listens there too. She has a special friend—a rock. She gives it a name and eats her lunch with it whenever she can. She keeps the window open next to her bed even on the coldest of nights. She loves the fresh air on her face. She pulls the covers tight around her chin and listens to the mysterious night sky.

She believes that her grandmother is present even though everyone else says she is dead. Each night, she drapes the curtain over her shoulders for privacy, looks out the window near her bed, listens for Grandma and then says silent prayers to her.

Her imagination is free for a time. She does not need priest or teacher to describe god to her. Spirit erupts spontaneously in colorful and unique expressions. God is Grandma, the twinkling evening star, the gentle breeze that washes across her face, the peaceful quiet darkness after everyone has fallen asleep, and all the colors of the rainbow. And because she is a girl, her experience and expression of spirit is uniquely feminine. The spirit of the universe pulsates through her. She is full of herself.''

-Patricia Lynn Reilly, A Deeper Wisdom: The 12 Steps from a Woman's Perspective


  1. So Beauty Full...... just love this. 💚

  2. So love this.... Beauty Full 💚

  3. So beautiful. Let us keep that spirit alive in us as we progress through the cycles of maiden, mother, crone.

  4. Oh to be precisely connected to our feminine archetypal roots! I intuitively know that our world's catastrophe - the results of: Covid -19; world hunger, climate change; ethnic violence and hatred among nations; American-Trump madness,... is directly related to the violence against Anima Mundi (Soul of the Word).Reilly's story: SHE IS FULL OF HERSELF in collaboration with Bryan Sokol's photograph of the gorgeous child - permeates the fullness of "Herself." I love seeing the photo and reading Reilly's description of what it is to be connected to the richness and necessity of feminine archetypal roots.