Thursday, January 21, 2021

Lilith was the First, But Let Her not be the Last by Monette Chilson


Art by Arna Baartz

There is much talk these days about the rise of the feminine and how it will heal us and our world. Often, however, we picture this cataclysmic shift in humanity within the patriarchal worldview, as if the feminine way will simply be a kinder, gentler version of the masculine.

But it is not a different version of reality, it is a new one entirely. One that values differently and processes differently. A way that can be used by both men and women.

To get there, we cannot read a manual or examine a flowchart or analyze the data or even find the “best” woman to lead us there.

Because, my friends, the best woman for the job is you. And me. And every single one of us.

We are not building a hierarchy to take us there, we are joining hands to form a circle which expands each time a woman awakens to the call within her.

As I write this introduction Kamala Harris is being sworn in as the first female Vice President of the United States. She is leading us in the expansion of our circle at this crucial moment in history. As her mother told her when she was a child, “You may be the first, Kamala, but make sure you are not the last.” In other words, keep growing the circle of female leaders who are writing a different storyline for women by the way they live their lives.

This book will point you to your circle and provide the resources you’ll need to birth many new storylines alongside them. You may already have a group of women in mind to join you in this work. Or maybe not. Maybe the work is calling to you and the right companions will appear.

Either way, buckle up because we are going to turn ancient myths about femininity and what it means to be a woman on their head! Not with logic, reason and factual “proof”, but with stories that have been hidden from us even as their echoes coursed through our veins.

At long last, we will reconcile our inner knowing with the narrative that mirrors it rather than denying and subverting it.

We will fully embody our sacred feminine nature through the power of storytelling, specifically through the story of the world’s first woman as conceptualized by Western civilizations. 

Our compass for this journey is not historical data. Nor is it archaeological artifacts. Not even newly discovered scrolls with words that confirm our knowing.

Our compass is an artistic compilation of women’s encounters with Lilith. Some are grounded in research; some in lived experience; some in poetry; and others painted and sung. All were birthed by trusting the inner voice we’ve been conditioned to ignore.

The voice that knows something is right for her or wrong for her. The voice that leads you along a path that is yours alone to walk.

Lilith may have been the first woman to subvert the expectations of her, but let us not let her be the last.

Stay tuned for our Lilith Circle Guide, an extension of Original Resistance anthology - coming soon! 


  1. buckled up and ready to hear more of the hidden her-stories!

  2. She came to me it was amazing she’s very beautiful abs scary and strong and gentle all at once