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What the Throne, Altar and Womb of the Goddess Isis Represent by Krystal Alexander-Hille

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

If you have picked up this book, it may be because you feel a strong connection to Isis, you may even believe you were her in a previous or alternate existence. However, there is one, and only one, reason why you are on this planet right now. Therefore, there is one and only one reason why you have bought this book, one and only one reason why you are reading this chapter: you have a deep question yearning to be answered. But often our patterns make us blind and deaf to the answers. My intention is that this chapter will unlock something for you to bring you closer to your true self.

When I asked, “what is mine to share in this anthology?”, I was shown the stile, or hieroglyph of the headpiece of Isis: the throne of the sovereign queen, the altar of the high priestess, and the womb of pure magical birthing power. I will take you on a journey to reclaim them all.

We all embody Isis, because her essence lives in the collective unconscious of us all, and it is there for everyone to tap into, be it Isis the Goddess, Isis the Queen, Isis the High Priestess, Isis the Mother, or Isis the woman. But who was she, and what does she represent today?

I am sure my other sisters in this anthology will refer to the main mythology of the Egyptian Pantheon, that Isis was the daughter of the Earth God, Geb, and the Sky Goddess, Nut, sister and wife to the then king of Egypt, Osiris, as well as sister of Seth and Nephthys. How, when Seth cut Osiris into many pieces and scattered his body across the country, Isis transformed into a bird, gathered the pieces, and with her magical powers put them back together, all but for the penis, which she could not find. Despite that, she replaced his penis with one of pure gold, and then, through her magical powers, conceive her son, Horus. And of how, when the temples of Isis were turned into Christian Churches around 540 AD, the story of Isis nursing Horus was transmuted into the story of the Virgin Mary nursing Jesus.

But there is another less-known story, one that tells the tale from the perspective of the star races, in which the soul of Isis comes from the ninth-dimensional Hathor consciousness. In distant ancient Egyptian times, this soul incarnated into the body of an Annunaki woman; the Annunaki being giant hybrid Sirian/Reptilian (Dracos) inhabitants of a planet that orbits the second sun, Nibiru, in our solar system. At that time, the Annunaki had colonised earth primarily to mine gold, but when their lower-class workers rebelled around 400,000BC, the Annunaki genetically engineered a replacement slave race – humans. I know, a very different story to that of the Bible!

The name Isis, or “Aset”, derived from the ancient Egyptian word for ‘throne’. Thus, Isis is often depicted with the stile or hieroglyph of the throne on her head. She is later depicted with the sun-disk held in cow’s horns, the sun-disk symbolising the sun consciousness of Ra, and the cow horns relating directly to the star constellation of the Pleiades. She is either represented as a woman in a sheath dress, or with the wings of a goddess. These wings are the symbol of Nibiru, the second sun or ‘winged destroyer’ that triggers regular pole shifts with its return and is seen above many entrances of Egyptian Temples. It reminds us of Isis’ connection of Isis to that second sun.

An excerpt from a extensive essay by Krystal Alexander-Hille entitled, ''The Birthing and Rebirthing of Humanity'' in our upcoming anthology, On the Wings of Isis.

Krystal Alexander-Hille is an international tantra teacher, spiritual mentor and galactic embodiment coach. She works with conscious leaders, business people and healers to explore their erotic energy and connect it with their multi-dimensional Self, so that they can embody and expand their essence and magnetic power to create more meaningful connections, deeper intimacy and greater financial abundance from a place of embodied sovereignty, flow and joy.

Aware of her galactic origins, Krystal comes from a soul lineage of ancient high priestesses, embodying divine feminine codes. She is the founder of Goddess Reawakening and the Temple of Conscious Eroticism, offers initiation journeys to Egypt & Mexico, facilitates tantric in-person and online workshops, and is particularly proud of her latest creation: The Temple of Galactic Embodiment, a membership platform for conscious leaders, birthing a new era.

Krystal holds a BA in English Literature & Theatre, a diploma in Life Coaching and TimeLine Therapy and is a certified Tantra Teacher and Reiki Master. With 30 years in leadership and personal development, over the past 12 years, Krystal has contributed her wisdom to numerous international summits and podcasts, and is the author of 'She Who Would Be Queen', 'In the Womb of the Goddess', and contributing author to 'Reclaiming Lilith, Reclaiming Ourselves', with two other book contributions to be released later in 2020.

Originally from Germany, Krystal lives with her young family in county Victoria, Australia. You can connect with her here: or email

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