Monday, December 14, 2015

The Divine Girl-Child: A New Birth by Patricia Lynn Reilly

Painting by Lucy Pierce

"Imagine hearing stories of the Divine Girl-Child whose birth was announced and celebrated by angels, whose coming merited visitors and precious gifts, and in whose honor the peoples of the world gather for a yearly retelling of the story of her birth. Imagine if you'd heard these words in childhood's mosque, synagogue, church, and home.

In this hour everything is stillness. There is total silence and awe. We are overwhelmed with a great wonder. We keep vigil. We are expecting the coming of the Divine Girl-Child.

In the fullness of time, she is born. She shines like the sun, bright and beautiful. She is laughing a most joyful laugh. She is a delight, soothing the world with peace.

Become bold. Lean over and look at her. Touch her face. Lift her in your hands with great awe. There is no blemish. She is splendid to hold.

She opens her eyes and looks intently at you. A powerful light comes forth from her eyes, like a flash of lightning. The light of her gaze invites the hidden one to come into the light; the sleeping one to awaken; the frozen one to thaw; the buried one to emerge; and the hard and protected one to soften. Receive her healing gaze deep within your being.

Suddenly there appears a multitude of heavenly beings singing:
Glory to the Mother of All Living and to her Daughter.
She has arrived. The Divine Child is among us.
She will bring peace and inspire goodwill among all people.

Welcome her joyfully. Shout with a loud voice:
You belong here among us. We're glad you're alive!
Surround her with goodness, safety, and laughter.
She is the Divine Child, come among us this day.
For Mother God so loved the world that she sent into its midst the Divine Girl-Child. Whosoever believes in Her goodness, listens to Her wisdom, and celebrates Her power will be awakened to the abundance of gifts within them.

Join me in whispering this intention into the minds, hearts, and lives of our daughters, granddaughters, and nieces: "May you discover the divine within you and love her fiercely. May you celebrate her life in the telling of your stories. And embrace her courage as you courageously re-order the world. As it was in the very beginning, may it be now."

-Patricia Lynn Reilly

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