Sunday, November 2, 2014

Meditation invites us to turn inward. - Patricia Lynn Reilly

Arna Baartz Artist

"A woman's body is an essential resource on the way home to herself. Initially we are uncomfortable turning toward our bodies with tenderness and conscious, prolonged attention. As we turn a merciful eye toward our bodies, we reverse our harsh scrutiny and chronic resentment of them. We enter into a partnership with our bodies, improving conscious contact with them through meditation, and consulting them through each season of her life. We celebrate our bodies as exquisite resources, faithful allies, and trustworthy companions. We pay attention to the body's sensations as faithful reminders of the way

Meditation invites us to turn inward. Instead of ascending to enlightened states of being
that involve the denial of the self, we discover that ours is a journey of descent— we look
deep within to reclaim forgotten aspects of ourselves. We reach beneath our obsession with
flaws, beneath the accomplishments that mask our sense of unworthiness, beneath years of
alienation from ourselves, toward the goodness at our center. We discover that the good is
deeply embedded within us. As we embrace our original goodness, our inner spaces are
cleared out and reclaimed as our own. We find rest within our own lives and accept all of
ourselves as worthy."

-Patricia Lynn Reilly, Imagine a Woman International Meditation Resources

Photo: Jade Beall

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