Friday, October 10, 2014

The Book of Mary / "God’s Will" - by Freda Rhodes **Trigger Warning

"Father God crept into the room where Mary slept. He took off his robe and stood tall over her. When she awoke, her eyes grew large with terror as she looked at him in all his stark and massive nakedness. And with hardly a word, Father God climbs on top of Mary. When she opens her mouth to scream, the Father God presses his fingers to her lips. “Now hush sweet Mary. This is the Lord’s will.”

And Mary, with tears in her eyes proclaims, “But Father, I am yet a virgin. If you do this to me, you will surely destroy me. I beg you, let me remain a virgin.” But it was as if the Lord did not hear her plea. He simply smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll be sure that even after I am done with you, you will still be a virgin. Why, I’ll even make you Queen of Heaven!”

And with those words, Father God spread apart Mary’s trembling legs. The silent night filled with his moans of delight. Yes indeed, this was a most tender virgin. And Father God was well pleased. And underneath Father God in all his massive nakedness, Mary wept, and prayed for daylight.”

 – Excerpt from Be Full of Yourself by Patricia Lynn Reilly, written by Freda Rhodes “Rewriting the Scripture”.

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