Friday, September 5, 2014

The Kolo is the Circle by Danica Anderson

The circle, oval, teardrop, uterus-vulva-seed shape and triangles represent the need of women to go down through the chakras not up, as men need to do.

Women grow and return back to the Moist Mother Earth. The birthing process is the labors towards movement downward through the chakras to connect with the Moist Mother Earth.

Observe the focus with the labor pains is in the lower charkas- lower half of the body organs and the intensity found at pushing the newborn through the birth canal.

Birthing is a metaphor of how females move downward in their chakras whereas males need to move upward from their lower chakras levels to super consciousness. Females have superconsciousness naturally with their monthly menses.

These circle shapes are about centering in the womb along with a seed matrix generative potency to access self sustaining energy found within the female biological and female mind/spirit.

From the Upper Paleolithic antecedents’ ideograms symbolic representations for origin of life, the womb-seed is evidenced as the Magdalenian disks and concentric circles of halos around Christian saints and angels.

The kolo is the circle. My Blood & Honey Icon card deck has the circle shapes correspond to Kolo Avenue One, element Earth, trust.

-Danica Anderson

You can see the beautiful deck on Facebook and purchase it via The Kolo website.

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