Saturday, April 12, 2014

Elaine Drew: Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, or Spirituality?

"I believe that people need to see themselves reflected in the deity they embrace. Having been raised in a Christian country the only female deity I saw was the Mother, and she was not referred to as a goddess, but placed firmly below the male hierarchy. In my work with goddess imagery I look to redress the balance--to give women equal status in life by giving us equal status in the divine realm, a mirror of earthly reality."

Elaine Drew
SF Bay Area


This is an ongoing collective writing project, initiated by Magoism: The Way of S/He and Mother Tree Sanctuary in response to the question, "Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, or Spirituality?" We will feature different women's answers here and on the Magoism blog in the months to come as part of this project.

Contributions are welcome.  Please email or join the discussion on the Magoism group on Facebook.

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