Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Wild Woman

She is not afraid of getting her hands dirty or her
face wet with snot and tears.

She has learned to sit quietly enough to hear her
inner voice and knows that standing stock still in the middle of busy-ness in order to listen is only right and proper.

She Sees beauty in the most ordinary of things.

Uses her strengths and acknowledges her weakness.

She sees the frayed edges of her heart as a way to make new beauty, new connections and healing for the world.

She uses her creative ways to solve problems,
express joy, change the world.

She is not afraid of the dark
and knows that if she waits there long enough
stars will shine.

She can skip in puddles and appear graceful in her dressing gown.

She is not afraid of being in her own company.

She is able to draw an eclectic tribe to her side.

She hears the music of her own soul and dances to it
with her arms spread wide.

She lives from the truth at the heart of her that
even when she feels small,
the truth of her is as vast as the Universe.

She does not need to apologise for the air she draws
deep in to her lungs, the friends she has made among the plants and animals or the space she takes up.

Because she knows that her presence may be a gift to the very next person she meets and to skimp on that gift would be selfish and she thrives in generosity.

She lives in the heart of all women and is our true birthright and our deepest power.

~ Jane Cunningham

Painting by Elisabeth Slettnes

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