Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In unity there is a lot of power

"There is no doubt that a strong Pink Gang is needed now more than ever. The challenge criminal politicians pose is a national problem.

This may be the main reason why life in India is steadily worsening for women, who suffer the most when the police and judiciary systems are corrupted. In the past four decades, the number of reported rapes has shot up by 792 percent. Conviction rates, however, are dropping. A similar story is found in domestic violence, which has climbed by 30 percent in the same time period. Across the board, crimes against women have been increasing.

The scale of the problem, which seems insurmountable, has made Sampat even more bent on social justice. She thinks she knows how it can be achieved. Drawing on the wisdom she learned when taking on powerful landlords as a mere child (and I must interject here - one of my favorite parts of the book!!) she says, "If the problem is big, we must become even bigger than it. In unity there is a lot of power." 

~Amana Fontanella-Khan, Pink Sari Revolution: A tale of women and power in India

Sampat is a true She-roe - and those of us in the Western world can learn a great deal from her courage.

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