Sunday, October 13, 2013

Goddess is not the eternal, uncomplaining mummy....

 "There can be no one Goddess who is all things feminine. No one skin can encapsulate all of that, not even a divine skin. She would need to be all shapes, and all colours, all heights and all ages. As soon as we pin her down into one definite form, we reduce our ideas of what feminine means. The very notion of a single mother goddess has pushed us too far down that route already.

The divine feminine should be more than a limitless milk supply, an eternal breast or an always-busy womb. She most certainly should not be sold back to us as our ideal when we are looking at little more than the desires of men.

...As I see it, the majority of divine feminine representations we have are still a very long way from representing the divinity within women, the qualities of womanhood, the diversity of our gender or the richness of our lives.

I love the full figured Neolithic Venuses, images of Kali, and anything that does not conform to the stereotypes. But they are sorely outnumbered by the saccharine girls, the love goddesses and the eternal, uncomplaining mummy."

~ Nimue Brown,  Druid Thoughts: In Search of a Feminist Goddess

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